Monday, August 6, 2012


Yay first post!  I thought I'd give the whole blog thing one last try.  Every other attempt I've had at one has been an epic flop..probably because there has never really been a point or real defining reason or even motivation for me to blog.

Well, then what makes this time different?  I'm sure you are on pins and needles to know the answer.

It is fairly simple.  I want to document my experience planning and travelling for a hopefully not once-in-a-lifetime adventure to our neighbors across the great Atlantic: Europe.

I've been to Europe three times, but so far each time has been somehow related to my studies.  The summer before my senior year of high school, I participated in an exchange program with my German class.  We spent almost 3 weeks with other students in Hannover before spending a few days in Berlin/Potsdam and Frankfurt.  The second trip abroad occurred the Winter of 2010-2011, this time participating in a short-term abroad program through my university.  The trip began in Berlin and then ventured to Gdansk, Warsaw, and Krakow, Poland and Budapest, Hungary.  My final European experience took me even further east to Lithuania where I spent 10 weeks interning.

So, although I've traveled to and far, most of the logistics of these adventures required little planning on my part.  To me, this will be my first big girl experience organizing a month-long, backpacking trip with my younger sister.

Hope to get you as excited as me!  If anything, you can learn from whatever numerous mistakes I am sure to make :)


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