Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Been A Long Week

The creative juices have not been flowing at all this week due to the dam in my brain caused by excessive studying for the GRE.  Took the little bastard today, and don't get me started on my opinion of standardized tests.  I could drag this out for hours.  All I will say is what idiot decided years ago that it is completely reasonable for someone applying to a history type program to take the same test as someone applying to a psychology, a global health, communications, or public administration program, and what idiot decided that the GRE is still an accurate measure of a student's intellectual capabilities....because I can tell you that my GPA and GRE scores are on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum.  Enough ranting.

So I have nothing new to report as of now, but my sister messaged me this afternoon, and it looks like she's been doing some research of her own.  Thought I would share!

"I wanted to congratulate you on taking the GRE by letting you know that I've done a good amount of research today on finding the cheapest flights to and from Europe. Here is my plan.
5/20 - Depart ORF for LHR (London Heathrow). Arrive in London at 6:55 am next day.
5/21 - Depart LHR at 7:25 am for CDG (Paris Charles de Gaulle). Arrive in Paris by 9:40 am. Only thing we have to bank on is that the plane doesn't arrive late and we miss our flight. 30 minutes is enough time for me to get from one terminal to the next. Take a nap....
6/23 - I know we are taking a train from Miltenberg to Frankfurt on this day. That's about an hour and a half trip or less. We'll be able to find this transportation easily enough. At 5:10 pm, depart FRA for LHR. Arrive in London at 5:50 pm. I found a cheap hotel near LHR that offers free shuttle service to and from the airport. It's called the Heathrow Lodge. There are a few bars/pubs around the area too.
6/24 - Depart LHR for ORF at 7:50 am.
And drumrolls...cost of flights and the last hotel = $1132.50 per person...and we'll get a night out in London to celebrate surviving the trip. Whatya think????"

Makes a sister proud.  I'm going home this weekend, so I'll see her for a couple of days.  Hopefully we can get some things planned!


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